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Nineveh Moment 27: Bourbon Street Bullseye

It was just announced today that New Orleans is having an explosion of coronavirus cases, and its now become the most rapid growth rate in the world in fact. Experts are pointing to the extremely crowded streets of Mardi Gras there last month as the “perfect storm” breeding ground for the virus spread. And, ultimately, this could prove more deadly than Hurricane Katrina (death toll: 1,833). Let’s look at this from a spiritual angle… Catholic author Michael Brown wrote in his book The Final Hour that because of the absolute debauchery found in the Mardi Gras, found in the adult and occult shops in the French Quarter, the constant partying on Bourbon Street… with the city on the Gulf, he was surprised God hadn’t let New Orleans become the epicenter of a major hurricane yet. *He wrote that two years before: New Orleans became the bullseye for: Hurricane Katrina. We did a campaign tour along the Gulf Coast there six months after, and it still looked like a war zone. Over the years, however, everything has been rehabbed infrastructure wise, and the city, for the most part, has gone back to the same old debauchery. Now New Orleans, via Mardi Gras no less, has become the bullseye for: the deadly coronavirus. Note: While New Orleans might represent the far end of the debauchery continuum in America, most of the rest of the country is not far behind on the sin scale these days. But what’s it going to take to wake us up to that?


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