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Nineveh Moment 28: Gassing the World?

I just read where Los Angeles is experiencing it’s third smog free week because of the whole “Shelter in Place” deal from the coronavirus. And that’s pretty much the same for the whole of the U.S. right now. With the exception of China, we’re the biggest ‘CO2 culprit’ on the planet. A corollary: You know how nuts we got when we learned Saddam Hussain was “gassing” the Kurds? During a talk at Notre Dame, I said that our First World energy gluttony, in a very real sense, is “gassing” the world. People dying of drought and famine in more arid countries now, increasing super-charged hurricanes/cyclones, climate refugees… First World moral theologians, given to heady rationalization (because they themselves are driving a lot, et. al), would say this was merely: “unintended consequences without moral culpability.” Common sense would say: “that’s crap.” Because, well, too many of us know now. Note: This coronavirus induced break in our habits, across-the-board, is giving us time to realign. Or not. If you’re looking to realign in this category, look no further than our position paper on energy, and our position paper on transportation.


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