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Nineveh Moment 26: Time For a “Jacked Down” Economy!

The unemployment figures came out this morning, smashing the previous record in America by a lot. The previous record for a month: 700,000. This report: 3.3 million! An economics professor from New York University said this morning during an interview: “This is an unprecedented economic contraction… and we don’t want to kill the economy.” Uh, I would at least partially differ. Our campaign platform calls for simplifying and jacking down our economy considerably. For instance, we need to deemphasize (easy money) Wall Street financial speculation, complicated financial instruments, and extraneous “paper shuffling” jobs in general in America. In tandem, we would propose initial debt free stimulus to revive small town and big city neighborhood economies. In addition, using the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, we would break up the Wal-Marts, Targets, Lowe’s… as monopolies, as we would break up big national banks, and big corporate farms. To the latter, as an example, we would provide incentives to sub-divide these farms and stimulate small scale organic farms that are much more labor intensive. This would provide, for instance, jobs that are lost when a lot of non-essential “paper shuffling” jobs disappear. This corona virus crisis, this economic contraction, is allowing for a lot of the dross to be cleared from what has become, in large part, a bloated, convoluted economic system. Again, spiritual commons sense dictates that we simplify the system and go back to a decentralized orientation (“local production for local consumption”) that, for one, strengthens bonds in community. This will also cut down tremendously on transport carbon dioxide emissions. And it will “flatten the curve” (Where have I heard that phrase before?) on income inequality in the country, as some of those relatively meaningless professional jobs — that nonetheless pay well — go away. Note: For a look at our Economic Position that, I contend, aligns way more with what God probably wants for society, see…


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