Has America Entered Its Nineveh Moment?

Nineveh Moment 39: Blighted war zones, while we kick back in comfort

In the last post, the priest notes that our societies throughout the world are saturated with sin these days, and God has sent a virus to let us know in the physical, just how sick we have become spiritually. And yeah, abortion, gay sex, transgenderism, cloning… All pretty obvious — that is if you’re readingContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 39: Blighted war zones, while we kick back in comfort”

Nineveh Moment 38: No, these aren’t the “Four Horsemen” of Notre Dame — worse

A Spanish priest, author, and apparently a pretty holy guy, in a quite recent interview, says he is convinced the coronavirus pandemic is a “lesson from God.” And if we don’t learn from the lesson, Fr. Antonio Fortea said there, most likely, will be another, and another… until we do. “That is why another horsemanContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 38: No, these aren’t the “Four Horsemen” of Notre Dame — worse”

Nineveh Moment 37: Yet another Revelation(s) plague

During an interview on NPR, a gay man in Los Angeles, talking in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, said “…my people are used to viruses.” Yeah. In most cases, HIV is a sexually transmitted infection. It affects vital cells in the human immune system, with the body becoming progressively more susceptible to opportunistic infectionsContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 37: Yet another Revelation(s) plague”

Nineveh Moment 35: “…avoid this like the plague” America

I just heard someone use the metaphoric vernacular that people should “…avoid this like the plague.” If you’re, say, Christian, what would some of these things you should avoid be? They would be: abortion; homosexuality; transgenderism; straight sexual immorality; false gods; gluttony; selfishness… So, let’s take America. We’re at 65 million abortions. Homosexuality and transgenderismContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 35: “…avoid this like the plague” America”

Nineveh Moment 34: A Crown?

God is frequently depicted in heaven as wearing a crown. He’s King, of everything. However, we’ve started to play ‘King/God’ as a world wide society. The coronavirus is named such because of its spikey, somewhat symmetrical, extrusions that look like a: crown. (“Corona” in Latin.) Did God send us a reminder of who is really the King?Continue reading “Nineveh Moment 34: A Crown?”

Nineveh Moment 33: Like Going Next Door and Looking in the Window At…

As I mentioned in an earlier ‘Nineveh post,’ the airwaves these days are saturated with sexual imagery. (And here comes an invisible deadly virus into our air waves now. Hmm.) But many of us have become so desensitized to this sexual imagery that we simply accept it as normal now (unless it’s tremendously X-rated stuff).Continue reading “Nineveh Moment 33: Like Going Next Door and Looking in the Window At…”

Nineveh Moment 32: As Spiritually Nuts in Life, as in Death

In a news piece this morning, it was noted that with the coronavirus crisis there’s, well, more funerals in the U.S. these days. Now to pick up with the American ‘spoiled’ theme from the previous post… The average cost for a funeral in America these days (coffin, burial plot, wake and other funeral home charges…):Continue reading “Nineveh Moment 32: As Spiritually Nuts in Life, as in Death”

Nineveh Moment 29: Pope Francis Yesterday: “…time to choose what matters.”

Yesterday (3/27/20) Pope Francis addressed the world from an empty St. Peter’s Square amidst a rain storm. The storm was quite appropriate, divine coincidence wise, to the pope’s message. He said that the world was living amidst a dark storm because of the current worldwide pandemic. Why? God is angry and is trying to urgentlyContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 29: Pope Francis Yesterday: “…time to choose what matters.””

Nineveh Moment 26: Time For a “Jacked Down” Economy!

The unemployment figures came out this morning, smashing the previous record in America by a lot. The previous record for a month: 700,000. This report: 3.3 million! An economics professor from New York University said this morning during an interview: “This is an unprecedented economic contraction… and we don’t want to kill the economy.” Uh, I wouldContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 26: Time For a “Jacked Down” Economy!”

Nineveh Moment 24: Yeah, but What if it was Your Mother?

Euthanasia is creeping more and more into the countries of the world. Yet we’re not God. God is. God is the “author of life.” He determines the span between conception and natural death. We don’t. When we do (abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide…), we are putting our eternal souls at tremendous risk. The Catholic Church unequivocallyContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 24: Yeah, but What if it was Your Mother?”

Nineveh Moment 23: “The virus is spreading like wildfire”

On a news show today, a Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University said that while researchers weren’t exactly sure yet of the predominant form of spread with the coronavirus, what they were sure about is that it’s “…spreading like wildfire.” Hmm. Our First World energy gluttonous (read: sinful) lifestyles are fueling global warming which, in turn, isContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 23: “The virus is spreading like wildfire””

Nineveh Moment 22: “Maybe we don’t need a vaccine…”

One of the readings at the Masses this weekend was Hosea 6:2 where the prophet, in essence, tells the Israelites that God has, indeed, “smitten” them (read: “chastises” them), but in “two days” He will help them rebound. In the livestream Mass I was watching out of Franciscan University, the priest says that, of course,Continue reading “Nineveh Moment 22: “Maybe we don’t need a vaccine…””

Nineveh Moment 21: Yeah, but What About the Fence at the Border of Heaven?

As a presidential candidate, I have done three extensive “Southern Border Tours.” I walked the dusty streets of Juarez Mexico where 200,000 people live in slums amidst off-the-charts drug cartel violence. I heard story after story of Latin American rebel groups storming villages, raping women, killing children… While interviewing the Director of a Safe HouseContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 21: Yeah, but What About the Fence at the Border of Heaven?”

Nineveh Moment 20: Where Might We Be ‘Confined’ in the Afterlife?

What you’re looking at here is a tremendous moral issue with significant spiritual ramifications for most of us. This is a “confinement farm” that has become state-of-the-art in American agriculture these days — representing the far end of the “greed continuum,” both for big farm owners and the consumers as well. Instead of naturally grazing,Continue reading “Nineveh Moment 20: Where Might We Be ‘Confined’ in the Afterlife?”

Nineveh Moment 15: CO2 and Breaking the Sixth Commandment

Our energy gluttonous First World lifestyles are ‘fueling’ global warming at an alarming rate, forming, in essence, an ‘invisible’ bubble around the globe that’s trapping more and more of the sun’s heat. What’s more, scores of people are dying now in more arid countries because of global warming related drought and famine — as justContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 15: CO2 and Breaking the Sixth Commandment”

Nineveh Moment 14: “Invisible Killer” Coming to Get Us (U.S.)

Connecting the dots… People in America are characterizing the coronavirus pandemic as a: “…war with an invisible enemy that’s coming to get us.” So… This is a scene from the Syrian war. It could be a scene from the Afghanistan war, Iraq war, Sudanese war… But hey, that’s over there — and has been of little concern to most ofContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 14: “Invisible Killer” Coming to Get Us (U.S.)”

Nineveh Moment 13: Not a ‘New Deal,’ but rather a ‘New Economy’

During the Great Depression, unemployment peaked at 24% — in regard to all those eligible to work. President Roosevelt, in turn, scrambled to enact the “New Deal” that allowed for a lot of “public works” projects. We stand at the tipping point of another Great Recession, if not Great Depression. And now would be theContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 13: Not a ‘New Deal,’ but rather a ‘New Economy’”

Nineveh Moment 12: An "Anti-Life" Admonition From Above

I was listening to an interview with an Ohio Catholic priest last night. He said that of course the coronavirus was a “…chastisement from God.” Think about it, he continued, our society, and the world at large, has become “anti-life.” Abortion is anti-life. Gay marriage is anti-life. Contraception (which the Catholic Church condemns) is anti-life…Continue reading “Nineveh Moment 12: An "Anti-Life" Admonition From Above”

Nineveh Moment 11: 'Global Greed'?

Global trade. An economist on one of the news shows today said that America opted for it because it spelled faster growth in this country for industries, and it spelled cheaper products for consumers. Meanwhile, this paradigm creates Third World sweatshop conditions, gigatons of carbon dioxide release from international transporting, and looking the other wayContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 11: 'Global Greed'?”

Nineveh Moment 10: 3000 DOW Points, 3000 Abortions… Hmm

The DOW dropped almost 3,000 points today, the single day biggest drop since 1987. Oh, incidentally, about 3,000 babies were dismembered in their mothers’ wombs today in America as well. The latter goes on every day. And abortion is legal in all but about six countries worldwide now. Did we think God was going to let thatContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 10: 3000 DOW Points, 3000 Abortions… Hmm”

Nineveh Moment 9: Depressions and Tornadoes

The Great Depression “…hit us like a tornado.” Sort of like what happened with the deadly tornados in Nashville, Tennessee last week? A metaphoric harbinger of things to soon come? Maybe… I watched a documentary about the Great Depression last night. It explained that the “Roaring ’20s” was a prosperous era where credit started toContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 9: Depressions and Tornadoes”

Nineveh Moment 8: Empty Sports Arenas — Good

The rest of the NBA season is cancelled. March Madness is over before it started… Coronavirus cancelled. Think about it. We, the fans, have absolutely “deified” sports at this level, watching hour after hour of games, sports commentary, and so on. Commensurately, how much are a majority of us, by comparison, watching (except for parents),Continue reading “Nineveh Moment 8: Empty Sports Arenas — Good”

'Jonah' From the Midwest

I was wearing a mask this week, but it wasn’t a surgical one — it was a “dust mask.” While Joe Biden, the ‘average Joe from Scranton’ (please!) was taking the lead in the Primaries, this ‘average Joe’ was sanding a cedar wood door frame at Luke’s Restaurant in Bluffton. Populist? With a capital P! This kindContinue reading “'Jonah' From the Midwest”

Nineveh Moment 7: 'Holy Hollywood?' Hardly

The coronavirus is currently leaving movie theaters empty in America, delaying movie releases, and hurting the industry in general. Good! A vast majority of modern movies glorify sex, violence, drugs… Does anyone, honestly, think they would find Jesus sitting next to them at a majority of these films (including at, say, even PG-13 films)? Watching mostContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 7: 'Holy Hollywood?' Hardly”

Nineveh Moment 4: Mobility Addicts

It’s the perfect storm. An oil price war triggered by the Saudis this last weekend is combining with the coronavirus outbreak to create worldwide instability. Stocks are falling rapidly, cities are quarantined, businesses are taking big hits… What a perfect time to start to realign! For instance, I watched a PBS Special on “American Mobility” last night. We’reContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 4: Mobility Addicts”

Nineveh Moment 3

Killer tornadoes touched down in Nashville, Tennessee a couple days ago. The first place one hit was the John C. Tune Airport that’s home to luxury private jets. These, like the cruise ships mentioned in the previous post, are on the far end of the First World luxury continuum — while billions worldwide are malnourished,Continue reading “Nineveh Moment 3”

Nineveh Moment 2

The most high profile coronavirus cases, outside of Wuhan China itself, have been on cruise ships. These ships are emblematic of over-the-top First World luxury. Meanwhile, almost a million people are homeless in northern Syria, a majority of the populace is “stick thin” in Haiti, some 24,000 people starve to death every day in theContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 2”

Nineveh Moment?

We are at the 65 million abortion mark (translated: babies being dismembered in their mothers’ wombs); severe climate change looms like a doomsday scenario because of our gluttonous First World lifestyles; nuclear proliferation is off the charts at this point; there are 100,000 yearly shootings in America now; there’s across-the-board addiction to media entertainment that,Continue reading “Nineveh Moment?”

China and “Favored Nation Trading Status” Seriously!

Will the coronavirus realign the global order? The American economy, currently, is interdependent with China. As the coronavirus sweeps through China, it is disrupting their part of the supply chain with factories down, and so on. We have conferred upon China: “Favored Nation Trading Status.” This despite their horrendous ongoing human rights violations that includeContinue reading “China and “Favored Nation Trading Status” Seriously!”

We Need a Depression

The Stock Market dropped this week further than at any other time since the Great Recession of 2008. I have said, for quite some time now, that America actually needs to experience another Depression. This would be very much akin to an alcoholic hitting bottom — and then becoming “teachable.” A good deal of ourContinue reading “We Need a Depression”

Global Realignment

As the coronavirus spreads, things are, in essence, globally deconstructing. And we can go with this to realign the world in the right way. Or not. Example: The “global supply chain” is being disrupted. International trade supply transport pumps billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, allows for sweatshops in theContinue reading “Global Realignment”

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