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Nineveh Moment 40: in summation:

Nineveh was given 40 days to “repent.” And, well, this is modern Jonah’s 40th entry. So in summation, what precedes this essay is a series of essays that are a template for what’s going spiritually awry in America. And there’s a lot going awry! We’re spending less and less time with God, for one. Then there’s: abortion;Continue reading “Nineveh Moment 40: in summation:”

Nineveh Moment 39: Blighted war zones, while we kick back in comfort

In the last post, the priest notes that our societies throughout the world are saturated with sin these days, and God has sent a virus to let us know in the physical, just how sick we have become spiritually. And yeah, abortion, gay sex, transgenderism, cloning… All pretty obvious — that is if you’re readingContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 39: Blighted war zones, while we kick back in comfort”

Nineveh Moment 38: No, these aren’t the “Four Horsemen” of Notre Dame — worse

A Spanish priest, author, and apparently a pretty holy guy, in a quite recent interview, says he is convinced the coronavirus pandemic is a “lesson from God.” And if we don’t learn from the lesson, Fr. Antonio Fortea said there, most likely, will be another, and another… until we do. “That is why another horsemanContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 38: No, these aren’t the “Four Horsemen” of Notre Dame — worse”

Nineveh Moment 37: Yet another Revelation(s) plague

During an interview on NPR, a gay man in Los Angeles, talking in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, said “…my people are used to viruses.” Yeah. In most cases, HIV is a sexually transmitted infection. It affects vital cells in the human immune system, with the body becoming progressively more susceptible to opportunistic infectionsContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 37: Yet another Revelation(s) plague”

Nineveh Moment 36: “I was just middle class.”

Almost half the world’s people live on less than $2 a day. And I just heard an economist today, who is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, say that with the economy virtually shutting down worldwide around the coronavirus crisis, this will push a half a billion more people, if not more, into abject poverty asContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 36: “I was just middle class.””

Nineveh Moment 35: “…avoid this like the plague” America

I just heard someone use the metaphoric vernacular that people should “…avoid this like the plague.” If you’re, say, Christian, what would some of these things you should avoid be? They would be: abortion; homosexuality; transgenderism; straight sexual immorality; false gods; gluttony; selfishness… So, let’s take America. We’re at 65 million abortions. Homosexuality and transgenderismContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 35: “…avoid this like the plague” America”

Nineveh Moment 34: A Crown?

God is frequently depicted in heaven as wearing a crown. He’s King, of everything. However, we’ve started to play ‘King/God’ as a world wide society. The coronavirus is named such because of its spikey, somewhat symmetrical, extrusions that look like a: crown. (“Corona” in Latin.) Did God send us a reminder of who is really the King?Continue reading “Nineveh Moment 34: A Crown?”

Nineveh Moment 33: Like Going Next Door and Looking in the Window At…

As I mentioned in an earlier ‘Nineveh post,’ the airwaves these days are saturated with sexual imagery. (And here comes an invisible deadly virus into our air waves now. Hmm.) But many of us have become so desensitized to this sexual imagery that we simply accept it as normal now (unless it’s tremendously X-rated stuff).Continue reading “Nineveh Moment 33: Like Going Next Door and Looking in the Window At…”

Nineveh Moment 32: As Spiritually Nuts in Life, as in Death

In a news piece this morning, it was noted that with the coronavirus crisis there’s, well, more funerals in the U.S. these days. Now to pick up with the American ‘spoiled’ theme from the previous post… The average cost for a funeral in America these days (coffin, burial plot, wake and other funeral home charges…):Continue reading “Nineveh Moment 32: As Spiritually Nuts in Life, as in Death”

Nineveh Moment 31: God Sent Poisonous Snakes…

The reading at Mass today was Numbers 21:4-9. The colloquial cliff note on this is… Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. God gave them manna (small tortilla bread like stuff) to sustain them. And it did. But, okay, it wasn’t Outback Steakhouse. So the Israelites started to complain. God, in turn, got angry. HowContinue reading “Nineveh Moment 31: God Sent Poisonous Snakes…”