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Nineveh Moment 31: God Sent Poisonous Snakes…

The reading at Mass today was Numbers 21:4-9. The colloquial cliff note on this is… Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. God gave them manna (small tortilla bread like stuff) to sustain them. And it did. But, okay, it wasn’t Outback Steakhouse. So the Israelites started to complain. God, in turn, got angry. How angry? He sent poisonous snakes among the people. And some died. In short order, they repented (from coming off as spoiled) and eventually the snakes left. So… It’s the year 2020 in the First World. Instead of being happy with fans, we wanted air conditioning units, then central air, then… Instead of being content with your basic vehicle for transportation, we wanted two nicer vehicles, and then even nicer vehicles (with all the options), and then even… And yeah, after watching a few HGTV shows, we wanted a sun porch, then we wanted an add on den, and then we wanted… Meanwhile some 2 billion people live in slums worldwide. Many don’t even have bicycles with trailers to get their meager crops to market in town. And air conditioning? More than one billion people live without any electricity worldwide. And now here comes a virus into our First World midst that is ‘biting’ some of us, our loved ones, and so on. We need to come to grips with the fact that God, through the years, has chastised his people. But even more (and this will be a good kind of more), we need to understand why He’s doing it (Coming off as spoiled?), repent, and change. One could only wonder what would have happened to the Israelites if they hadn’t repented and changed. Note: And it won’t be enough to just scale back. We’ll need to take the savings to help all these other people in tough straits. For an overall template of how our administration would inspire this, and provide many more conduits into the Third World, see…


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