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Nineveh Moment 30: Global Food Chain Idiocy…

As I type this, the coronavirus is in 180 countries playing havoc with practically everything. One of those ‘things’ is the global food supply chain. Planting is being delayed. Food import/export markets are being disrupted. Things are breaking down. So… Do we wait for the crisis to end and then rush right back at it trying to get this all up and running again? Or, well, do we realign? (The international food trade sends gigatons of carbon dioxide into the air every year, creates farm worker sweatshop conditions, if you will, in our fields and fields worldwide, and has fueled the use of massive amounts of toxic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to maximize profits in a global market.) So what would realignment look like in America, for instance? Our administration would work to establish local/regional markets for crops. We would ramp up, exponentially, home and community gardens, permacultures, and local Farmers Markets. We would go to “seasonal eating,” in tandem with, once again, learning the art of things like canning, and such. We would, in essence, become a lot more sustainable, food wise, in our particular regions. And speaking of sustainability, our administration would ramp up, just as exponentially, Peace Corps, and similar types of help into the Third World to help people in these countries become as sustainable as possible, food wise, as well. In addition, and as just one example, we would hold up the Common Ground Growing Project in Kimmel, Indiana, for farmers throughout the nation. Local farmers in Kimmel farm a common farm on the side with the crop going to a Food Resource Bank, which is a Christian initiative that then takes the profit and provides seeds, farm tools, irrigation equipment, animals… to 25 different Third World countries. Note: We have blindly bought into the evolution of a global food system that majorly pollutes the planet and has created a plethora of farm worker jobs (under current oppressive conditions) with little human dignity — all because we want apples (and so many other choices) year round in our well stocked First World grocery stores. Gluttony? Well, sure. Note: For a look at our outside-the-conventional-lines Agricultural platform in general, see…


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