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Nineveh Moment 18: Revelation Plague: Cancer

In the past 100 years, or so, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been showing up in apparitions all over the world with a set of urgent messages for mankind. (A significant number of these have, by the way, been “Catholic Church approved.”) The overarching message is that we have moved squarely into the end time events predicted in the Bible’s “Book of Revelation.” As an example, Mary reportedly told Fr. Stefano Gobi, an Italian priest, that one of the “plagues” talked about in Revelation is: cancer. Think about it. Just in our country alone, one in three people now get cancer in a lifetime. The reason? Simple. We’re taking carcinogenic material into our systems from man made sources. To grow more food faster, to increase farming profit margins, Monsanto (Monsatan?) coffers, and such, we’re pumping all kinds of potentially carcinogenic herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers into the crops. [During an interview with David Orr, who is head of Oberlin College’s Environmental Science Department, he told me these chemicals are creating toxic time bombs in our systems that are exploding into things like, that’s right: cancer.] What’s more, tail pipe emissions have carcinogenic material. Cleaning products have carcinogenic materials. And on, and on… Race for the Cure? Sure. But common sense says that: WE STOP USING STUFF THAT CAUSES CANCER IN THE FIRST PLACE! Even if that’s going to mean some paradigm shifts (“grow organic,” as an example), and lifestyle changes in general (way less driving). You know, people actually used to clean with vinegar and water. Seriously. Time to realign. Note: For a look at part of the shift our administration would push for in the American agricultural world, including organic growing across the board, see…


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