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Nineveh moment 19: Time to Change the Channel

As mentioned in the last post, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing around the globe in the last 100 years with urgent messages for a mankind tremendously adrift in a sea of sin. For instance, she allegedly told Fr. Stefano Gobi, and Italian priest, that television is the “false idol” referred to in the Bible’s “Book of Revelation.” While the technology in and of itself isn’t inherently bad (St. Clare is actually the patroness of television in the Catholic Church), what many of us have chosen to do with it is bad. For one, a majority of us spend way more time watching it (tv, I-phones, etc…), than we do with prayer, focused family interaction, community outreach… And two, by our watching habits (the shows a majority of us watch drive advertising for more of these types of shows), we have allowed Satan to incrementally manipulate the content to become more, and then more, and then more… sinful. And now we’re at the point where a majority of the “invisible air waves,” if you will, are saturated with sexual imagery, violence, partying (alcohol and drugs)… And wouldn’t you know, now sharing those “invisible air waves” is: a killer virus. First Commandment: “I am the Lord your God, you shall not have other gods before me.” Simple enough. Note: I would use the presidency as what’s referred to as a “bullypulpit” to get this message across.


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