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Nineveh Moment 38: No, these aren’t the “Four Horsemen” of Notre Dame — worse

A Spanish priest, author, and apparently a pretty holy guy, in a quite recent interview, says he is convinced the coronavirus pandemic is a “lesson from God.” And if we don’t learn from the lesson, Fr. Antonio Fortea said there, most likely, will be another, and another… until we do. “That is why another horseman (of the Apocalypse) will come, and then another, until we understand the root of it is sin.” (For those of you doing the ‘Revelations math’ right now, that could be up to four horsemen.) One rider, incidentally, is given authority over a quarter of the earth, “…to kill with sword, famine and plague.” Um, if you’ve read the news the past few years, the world is saturated with war (sword), famine, and now, well, this coronavirus plague. I mean, it wouldn’t take a moral theology professor at Princeton to draw the corollary. And Fr. Fortea drew another corollary. He said the world is very “spiritually sick.” So what does God do? He sends a plague to start making people physically sick — so we’ll pay attention. Ultimately, the priest continued, God intends this to spark a “spiritual restoration.” That is, if we look up from the next Netflix movie long enough to figure it out. Fr. Fortea ended by saying our global society is as evil as the Egyptian society was in the Old Testament when God sent all the plagues. Now I wasn’t back there then, but I have to wonder if they were: dismembering 42,000 babies every day in their mothers’ wombs; cutting off their boys’ private parts and giving them hormone treatments to become girls; absolutely destroying God’s creation through First World gluttony (I mean how much CO2 did the chariots give off?); experimenting with cloning people (Even back then, I think they might of at least known that God was the “Author of Life,” not them), and I could go on, and on… Which, apparently these horse guys are going to do until, well, we get it. For a closer look at what we in America need to WAKE UP to, see…


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