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Nineveh Moment 37: Yet another Revelation(s) plague

During an interview on NPR, a gay man in Los Angeles, talking in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, said “…my people are used to viruses.” Yeah. In most cases, HIV is a sexually transmitted infection. It affects vital cells in the human immune system, with the body becoming progressively more susceptible to opportunistic infections leading to the development of AIDS. That’s the scientific definition. Here’s the spiritual one. In a series of messages to Fr. Stefano Gobi, an Italian Catholic priest, the Blessed Virgin Mary explained that cancer, and AIDS, were a couple of the “plagues” referenced in the Bible’s Book of Revelation. See, the way the Bible (and the Catholic Church) have it set up, it’s: one man / one woman with no sex before marriage. If both partners are true to this Biblical construct, AIDS doesn’t become part of the equation (sans things like shared drug needles, and such). However many in society, well, couldn’t leave it like this. No, gay sex with multiple partners became more and more prevalent. And AIDS first started up in that community. However soon after, it started happening more and more in the heterosexual community as well. Here again, there were multiple partners — often before marriage. Although extra-marital stuff ran a close second, as people got more promiscuous, then more promiscuous… So what do you got? Instead of a cloister of one man / one woman (both virgins prior) in marriage, you got, well, multiple partners who were doing multiple sexual things that, frankly, were eroding their souls. So what does God do? He injects a transmissible virus into all this — that ‘erodes’ the immune system. It’s, ultimately, physically deadly. As those sins outside of marriage are spiritually deadly. It was a ‘message of mercy’ from God. That is, to persist in the sexually sinful lifestyle leads to Hell, for eternity. And God was giving mankind a distinct clue about all that, and then He even sent the Blessed Virgin Mary back into the world to ‘aid’ in clarifying it even more. Note: It’s been a combination of the breakdown of the family, relaxed sexual mores, and actual “sex addiction,” that have all led to the evolution of the advanced sexual malaise we find ourselves in. To start to reverse this at the core, we have to look at systemically “healing the family.” And our campaign position paper on this goes a long way toward moving America in a direction to do just that. Note 2: The Bible is also crystal clear that gay sex/marriage, monogamous or not, is also serious sin, with potentially grave eternal consequences.


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