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Nineveh Moment 36: “I was just middle class.”

Almost half the world’s people live on less than $2 a day. And I just heard an economist today, who is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, say that with the economy virtually shutting down worldwide around the coronavirus crisis, this will push a half a billion more people, if not more, into abject poverty as well. Meanwhile in the First World, once the “lockdown” abates, we’ll head back, incrementally, to the vacation travel, the nice restaurants, the retail shops… In the clothing stores, for example, many of us will go back to buying the trendy, name brand stuff because, I mean, that’s what you do, right? And yeah, okay, if there’s a little left over, just a little, we might send this to an outreach organization so we don’t feel too guilty pampering ourselves the way we do. But, of course, it won’t be enough, and this kid will starve to death, along with 24,000 others each day. And the billions of people living in deplorable slum conditions will continue to live in deplorable slum conditions. And… At Judgement, Jesus will remind us First World folks about his ‘Lazarus the Beggar and the Rich Guy’ parable. And we will say: “Bill Gates was rich, I was just middle class.” And God will say: “In comparison to half the world living on 2 bucks, or less, a day, you were just ‘middle-class?’ And we will say: “Okay, good point.” Only at that ‘point,’ it will be too late. For a presidential campaign Foreign Affairs platform that will give the American electorate a much better answer for God in the end, see…


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