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Nineveh Moment 35: “…avoid this like the plague” America

I just heard someone use the metaphoric vernacular that people should “…avoid this like the plague.” If you’re, say, Christian, what would some of these things you should avoid be? They would be: abortion; homosexuality; transgenderism; straight sexual immorality; false gods; gluttony; selfishness… So, let’s take America. We’re at 65 million abortions. Homosexuality and transgenderism are now considered acceptable, mainstream lifestyles. Promiscuity among singles, and marital infidelity, are off the charts. (There’s a 65% divorce rate now in America.) Professional athletes, materialism, media/entertainment… have all become false gods in a major way here. Our gluttonous First World lifestyles are tremendously fueling climate change that’s destroying the planet and killing people, now. And 66% of us are overweight, with 33% being downright obese. We continue to build better homes, drive nicer and nicer vehicles, get wider and wider TV screens… Meanwhile millions of desperate refugees are amassed at borders worldwide, two billion people live in deplorable slum conditions, and another billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water… America is “the best country on earth,” we’ll say. If it is, the (spiritual) bar is awful low. Note: Mother Theresa, after a trip to America, called it the most “spiritually poor” nation she’d ever visited. We can’t keep getting pumped up with blind, patriotic pride here. It’s spiritual suicide. We need a leader, a spiritual one and/or a political one, who will tell the American public the truth: A lot of what we’re doing these days should “…be avoided like the plague.” In fact, maybe that’s why the real plague is here. Hmm. Note 2: For the kind of leader I allude to, go to


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