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Nineveh Moment 33: Like Going Next Door and Looking in the Window At…

As I mentioned in an earlier ‘Nineveh post,’ the airwaves these days are saturated with sexual imagery. (And here comes an invisible deadly virus into our air waves now. Hmm.) But many of us have become so desensitized to this sexual imagery that we simply accept it as normal now (unless it’s tremendously X-rated stuff). But here’s the spiritual rub… Jesus said anyone “who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery in their heart.” [Mathew 5:28] While giving a talk at a moral theology class at Bluffton College a number of years ago, I said, for instance, husbands and wives spend hours sitting on a couch together watching scantily clad actors in all kinds of sexual poses, and much more — on prime time TV without thinking anything of it. During the Q & A period after the talk, the professor said that when you think about this objectively, it would be like saying, to your wife, for example: “Honey, I’m going next door to look in the window at Marge for a couple hours.” What’s more, the more we watch TV fashions getting more suggestive, and more suggestive… well, life imitates art, if you will. And all of a sudden, just as one example, we have a majority of women, teenage girls, and even young children wearing tights — and thinking nothing about it! Does any of us think, for even a second, that God condones this? In fact, He might be, oh, a bit angry about it — given what his Son said. Just sayin’. So, as president, how would I impact this? As just one example, I would vocally, and regularly, support “1 Million Moms Fight for Decency” on television. What’s more, I wouldn’t have a super-model wife modeling suggestive stuff at political events. Think loose, but fashionably fitting of course, LL Bean clothes or something. Note: The Bible’s 1 Timothy 2: 8-9… “I also want the women to dress modestly, with decency and propriety…” Uh, short shorts, tight jeans with rips all over, tights in general… I mean, c’mon. Note 2: In 1917 at Fatima (a Catholic Church approved apparition), the Blessed Virgin Mary said souls were falling into hell like “snowflakes.” And the number one reason, she said: “Sins of the flesh.” That, incidentally, is the kinds of ‘sins’ I’m writing about in this post.


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