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Nineveh Moment 29: Pope Francis Yesterday: “…time to choose what matters.”

Yesterday (3/27/20) Pope Francis addressed the world from an empty St. Peter’s Square amidst a rain storm. The storm was quite appropriate, divine coincidence wise, to the pope’s message. He said that the world was living amidst a dark storm because of the current worldwide pandemic. Why? God is angry and is trying to urgently get our attention. Many of us, said the pope, have gone ahead at “breakneck speed”: greedy for profit, not concerned about wars elsewhere, not concerned about the plight of the immigrant… Not concerned about a “gravely aging planet” (read: global warming, vanishing species, major water pollution problems, and so on.) The pope then said we “…thought we could stay healthy in a world that’s sick.” The answer, he continued: “It’s time to choose what matters,” and get our lives “back on track.” That means, he said, we must abandon “our eagerness for power and possessions… and adopt new forms of hospitality, fraternity and solidarity.” Okay… What our presidential campaign revolves around, across-the-board, is moving Americans squarely into the paradigm the pope speaks of. We’ve researched a series of models, already in place on a small scale in America, that will get way more help to the poor of this country and the poor in the Third WorldIt holds out grassroots models for how to dramatically help immigrants. It champions extremely effective projects that, if replicated across the country, would go a long way toward saving the environment. And so much more. So… And all this is going to take is for Americans to heed the pope’s words. That is, most Americans will need to slow down and cut back on their lifestyles. In other words, they’ll need to sacrifice (just like they did, for instance, during World War II). The savings of money and time that are generated by this, then need to be redirected into volunteering to help, including subsidizing with money, the projects we’ve researched so they can be spread across the nation, and around the world. Note: Some 30 years ago, I started doing what the pope recommended yesterday. In my particular case, I gave up a lucrative profession, and at God’s prompting, went out into America to research the grassroots projects He seemed to be inspiring for when this shift in the country needed to happen on a wide scale basis. And that time, well, seems to be now. Note 2: These projects are thread throughout our campaign position papers and, for that matter, throughout our main campaign website in general.


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