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Nineveh Moment 24: Yeah, but What if it was Your Mother?

Euthanasia is creeping more and more into the countries of the world. Yet we’re not God. God is. God is the “author of life.” He determines the span between conception and natural death. We don’t. When we do (abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide…), we are putting our eternal souls at tremendous risk. The Catholic Church unequivocally teaches that, as an example, euthanasia is a “grave sin.” Yet people participate in it directly, or by voting for, say, politicians who back it (as part of what Pope John Paul II called “The Culture of Death” in America). Of course, some of the people who back the concept of euthanasia would never use it in regard to their loved ones. And then here comes this coronavirus pandemic putting the elderly, specifically, at risk all over the world. And wouldn’t you know, with hospitals being overwhelmed with elderly patients, doctors being forced to do “triage,” are now, day in and day out, having to make decisions about who they are going to allow to die — including, perhaps, the grandparents, mothers, fathers… of now tremendously anguished grandchildren, sons, daughters… who have, maybe over the years, backed euthanasia. Hopefully what’s going on now will inspire them to change their minds about this issue before it’s too late. Both for more elderly in the cross hairs of euthanasia, and before it’s too late for their own souls. For our campaign’s stance on euthanasia, and “Life Issues” in general, see…


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