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Nineveh Moment 23: “The virus is spreading like wildfire”

On a news show today, a Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia University said that while researchers weren’t exactly sure yet of the predominant form of spread with the coronavirus, what they were sure about is that it’s “…spreading like wildfire.” Hmm. Our First World energy gluttonous (read: sinful) lifestyles are fueling global warming which, in turn, is fueling these massively ‘spreading’ wildfires in California, Australia, etc., etc., etc… Think God might be trying to draw a graphic metaphoric corollary for us? I do. And by extension, here’s another metaphoric corollary: In Fatima, Portugal in 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary showed three young children a vision of Hell and said souls were falling into it “like snowflakes.” (*This incident has been studied and approved by the Catholic Church.) The children reported they saw a scene similar to what’s portrayed in this photo above, only the vision also showed scores of people screaming in pain amidst the flames. Note: Incidentally, that was 1917. Look around. Q. How much more collectively, and individually, evil have we become since then? AA lot more evil. So… Time to realign. And our campaign platform on energy consumption, as an example, will move us far away from our current energy-gluttonous, sinful behavior.


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