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Nineveh Moment 21: Yeah, but What About the Fence at the Border of Heaven?

As a presidential candidate, I have done three extensive “Southern Border Tours.” I walked the dusty streets of Juarez Mexico where 200,000 people live in slums amidst off-the-charts drug cartel violence. I heard story after story of Latin American rebel groups storming villages, raping women, killing children… While interviewing the Director of a Safe House in El Paso, my wife sat with a Mexican mother who had walked four days through the desert — with her two-year-old daughter. And we’re regularly denying asylum, we’re building a fence, we’re looking at deporting millions who are already here… Are we spiritually nuts? [The Holy Family members were “refugees” fleeing the murderous Herad. What if they’d been met with a fence at the border of Egypt?] So… Here comes a killer virus that no border fence can keep out. Here comes a killer virus that knows no borders period, for that matter. Hmm. A message from God to, oh I don’t know, maybe: “WELCOME STRANGERS!” The Bible pointedly suggests something like that, actually. And here’s the kicker: If we persist in our isolationism when it comes to this, what kind of fence might we be met with — at the “border” of heaven? Time to realign. And our platform on Hispanic Immigration is a good template on how to do that. Note: The Bible’s Good Samaritan story was about a guy who helped another guy — from another country. You don’t necessarily have to be a Theology Major at Yale to figure this stuff out.


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