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Nineveh Moment 20: Where Might We Be ‘Confined’ in the Afterlife?

What you’re looking at here is a tremendous moral issue with significant spiritual ramifications for most of us. This is a “confinement farm” that has become state-of-the-art in American agriculture these days — representing the far end of the “greed continuum,” both for big farm owners and the consumers as well. Instead of naturally grazing, these animals are raised in crowded ‘confinement’ pens like this for their entire lives. This maximizes profits for the farmers (and other supply side parts of the agriculture industry), and provides us, the consumers, with relatively cheap meat. All the humans are making out on this, right? Wrong. That is if they’re concerned about their souls. For instance, the Catholic Rural Life Association, Pope John Paul II (encyclical: “The Ecological Crisis (A Common Responsibility)”, and a host of moral theologians, see the unethical treatment of animals as, just that, “unethical.” And here’s just one of many dynamics with this… Confinement like this is a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses (oops, there’s that word again) and diseases in general. So the animals (cows, chickens, pigs…) are pumped full of antibiotics. Which, well, is not only bad for the animals, but we end up eating these toxic chemicals as well, in combination with ingesting the toxic steroids that are pumped into the same animals to get them to grow quicker. Do we actually think cancer is showing up in our systems just out of the blue? So now, here comes a coronavirus at us that, well, no antibiotic will stop. Hmm. Note: To look at an agricultural paradigm/platform (mine) not driven by greed at any level, see… Note: Americans also need to be tremendously reassessing how much meat we’re eating with, so many in the Third World who are tremendously malnourished, which will be for another post.


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