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Nineveh Moment 9: Depressions and Tornadoes

The Great Depression “…hit us like a tornado.” Sort of like what happened with the deadly tornados in Nashville, Tennessee last week? A metaphoric harbinger of things to soon come? Maybe… I watched a documentary about the Great Depression last night. It explained that the “Roaring ’20s” was a prosperous era where credit started to be floated to, not just the big companies, but the general public. The general public started to play the stock market for “easy money.” The market kept going up and up… As, concurrently, unbridled materialism was on the rise, and sexual inhibition was on the decline (“flappers,” as just one example). All the latter, incidentally, is antithetical to sound spirituality. What’s more, its easy to see a corollary to what’s been going on recently with the stock market at the highest point ever, unbridled materialism, American consumers floating on an unprecedented $35 trillion sea of debt, sexual inhibition almost totally out the window… The stock market crashed in 1929 and God, it seemed, allowed a time of realignment in the country. People lived simply, shared with each other, and went back to relying on God. That is a formula much more aligned with making it to heaven. The other is a formula much more aligned with, well, making it to hell.


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