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Nineveh Moment 8: Empty Sports Arenas — Good

The rest of the NBA season is cancelled. March Madness is over before it started… Coronavirus cancelled. Think about it. We, the fans, have absolutely “deified” sports at this level, watching hour after hour of games, sports commentary, and so on. Commensurately, how much are a majority of us, by comparison, watching (except for parents), the kids’ games up the street in our community anymore? Not much. How much time are a majority of us, by comparison, spending in prayer, spiritual reading, outreach to the poor… each week? Not much. Tangible time spent with something indicates our real priorities. That simple. And in this case, that sad. Time to realign our priorities in this area. And the coronavirus is giving us time to withdraw from our pro/Division I sports addiction in this country. Or not. Note: The NBA is now a $9 billion industry because we’re paying for the tickets and/or watching it on TV (which is what sells the advertising). The kid’s game up the street, on average, is, say, $4 bucks — with enough of this $9 billion left to, for instance, get food to the 24,000 people who starve to death every day in the Third World.


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