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Nineveh Moment 7: 'Holy Hollywood?' Hardly

The coronavirus is currently leaving movie theaters empty in America, delaying movie releases, and hurting the industry in general. Good! A vast majority of modern movies glorify sex, violence, drugs… Does anyone, honestly, think they would find Jesus sitting next to them at a majority of these films (including at, say, even PG-13 films)? Watching most of this stuff is called: “sin behavior.” Its just that you’re not hearing it much from the priests/ministers — because they’re watching the same stuff! We’ve been incrementally desensitized to sin in this society, and these films contribute tremendously to this. Not to mention, but I will, we are now exporting this all over the world. In a very real sense, this is “cultural terrorism” that’s putting all kinds of souls in jeopardy worldwide. Note: After the coronavirus passes, we can either stream (pun-intended) back into these theaters to watch more of these films, or we can boycott these types of films. [They initially listened to Jonah at Nineveh, but then the people went back to their old lifestyles — and God destroyed the city 40 years later. And, incidentally, this is not just about a city/country, it’s about each of our souls now. Anyone’s life could end tomorrow, coronavirus, or not.]


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