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Nineveh Moment 6: Elderly "Loneliness" Epidemic

I heard a news segment today about the “loneliness epidemic” sweeping the elderly population. Not only are they in the deadly (for some) cross hairs of the corona virus, but many are facing this, more often than not, pretty much alone. Why? Because our mobility has taken Mary, one of the daughters, to a software company in Seattle. It’s taken Carl, a son, to Des Moines for a job in management at a factory. It’s taken another daughter, Carol, to New York for a job in the cosmetics industry… You see, we’ve, many of us, traded in family and all the quality community building with our friends, neighbors, teachers, coaches… growing up, for the highest paying job elsewhere. And advanced mobility (highways, trains, planes…) have allowed us to do that — at a staggering pace. But is that what God wanted for us? Or did He want us to continue living in our community of origin, continuing to build on these relationships, continuing to be there for our loved ones… (The Amish do that.) It’s just that we got “blinded by ambition,” but called it other stuff. And most people ‘bought’ into it. Time to realign. Time for many of us to move home. Note: Our Social Security platform revolves around seniors feeling “socially secure” in their communities. The platform is much more than just about a monetary “fund.”


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