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Nineveh Moment 5: Collective Sin & Masks

These China children are wearing masks, not because of the corona virus, but because of consistent air pollution problems in that country. (The photo was taken long before the virus outbreak.) However, during the virus outbreak in China this past month, it was just reported air pollution was down by 1/3rd there. Many factories shut down, motor vehicle traffic was curtailed significantly… Why let a crisis go to waste, huh. We need to dial back our manufacturing exponentially, as with our driving. We need to, as a whole, adopt “voluntary simplicity” across-the-board, and realign things. This crisis is giving us that opportunity. Or not. Note: The Catholic Church several years ago came up with a new category of sin referred to as ‘collective sin’ within the context of our global community. In this case, that would correlate to our gluttonous First World lifestyles fueling global warming that is decimating all parts of our planet. (See previous entry.)


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