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Nineveh Moment 4: Mobility Addicts

It’s the perfect storm. An oil price war triggered by the Saudis this last weekend is combining with the coronavirus outbreak to create worldwide instability. Stocks are falling rapidly, cities are quarantined, businesses are taking big hits… What a perfect time to start to realign! For instance, I watched a PBS Special on “American Mobility” last night. We’re a nation that is majorly: ‘transportation addicted.’ Cars, trucks, rail, planes… America uses 143 billion gallons of motor gasoline a day and 186 million gallons of aviation gasoline. This is beyond nuts, especially in the face of catastrophic global warming. We went at this whole transportation thing in America, since practically the beginning, at a breakneck pace, without any real prayerful, considered discernment — like the Amish have with this. As a result, our moddern mobility has decimated the environment, fractured family and community, and is responsible for massive amounts of deaths and maiming each year. And we, now, are like a collective “addict” on the verge of hitting a bottom, with two choices. Become teachable about another way to “go,” or die. For more on what we desperately need to become teachable about, see our position paper on transportation.


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