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Nineveh Moment 16: "Victory Gardens"

A woman in our neighborhood, who has a perma-culture in her backyard, recommended residents start to plant gardens to, for instance, supplement any shortfalls in food if this coronavirus things goes for awhile. In essence, these would be like the “Victory Gardens” of World War II. (These were started up to supplement food rations during the war.) And here’s the kicker(s) on this… For decades now, in putting a premium on having a “green lawn,” we have pumped tons and tons of toxic artificial pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers into the lawn, destroying soil and majorly polluting groundwater. What’s more, we’ve pumped countless billions of dollars into this, $40 billion a year at this point — more than the Gross Domestic Product of the country of Vietnam! As president, I’d work to ban these toxic yard chemicals and promote the garden idea across-the-board (including many more yard permacultures as well.) In addition, in Pennsylvania we interviewed a man who was involved with a “Plant a Row for the Hungry” project. A row in his garden was reserved for donations at the local Food Bank. And in addition, some of his savings on food from the garden went into Third World international outreach projects like “Food for the Poor.” It all just makes spiritual common sense. Note: The genesis of the “Victory Gardens” was the war. With the coronavirus, many civic leaders are comparing it to a “war” as well. So much good could come out of this, on so many different fronts, if we look at it as, not just a crisis, but an “opportunity.” Incidentally, if you’d like to see what we’re going to do with the White House lawn, far beyond Michelle Obama’s garden (which was a good start, by the way) see…


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