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Nineveh Moment 15: CO2 and Breaking the Sixth Commandment

Our energy gluttonous First World lifestyles are ‘fueling’ global warming at an alarming rate, forming, in essence, an ‘invisible’ bubble around the globe that’s trapping more and more of the sun’s heat. What’s more, scores of people are dying now in more arid countries because of global warming related drought and famine — as just one, of many, dire climate change examples. So, in a very real sense, we are breaking the 6th Commandment by being responsible for these deaths. It’s just that we haven’t been spiritually confronted about it — until Pope Francis showed up on the scene, that is. God allowed this man to become the “Vicar of Christ” on earth. He, in turn, released this pointed environmental encyclical rebuke (“Laudato Si,” translated: On the Ecology, subtitle: “…on care for our common home”), and yet seven years into his pontificate, few people are heeding his words. Or for that matter, they’re also not paying serious attention to alarming sea level rise, massive forest fires, more and more severe weather… So, what’s next on God’s ‘Wake Up Call’ agenda? Could it be an ‘invisible’ (like the ‘invisible’ atmospheric bubble) viral pandemic that’s coming to kill us? Connecting the ‘invisible’ dots, one would wonder, huh. My presidency would tackle this issue head on, and the following is a look at the drastic measures we’d take. See, destroying the planet is, indeed, a big deal. And even more, killing people is even a bigger deal — especially in regard to each of our eternal souls.


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