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Nineveh Moment 14: “Invisible Killer” Coming to Get Us (U.S.)

Connecting the dots… People in America are characterizing the coronavirus pandemic as a: “…war with an invisible enemy that’s coming to get us.” So… This is a scene from the Syrian war. It could be a scene from the Afghanistan war, Iraq war, Sudanese war… But hey, that’s over there — and has been of little concern to most of us here watching Sports Center, grilling out, buying the next dress we don’t need… Oh, we’ll occasionally throw a few bucks toward Doctors Without Borders, or Habitat for Humanity, or… But overall, let’s face it, we’ve been pretty indifferent to this tremendous suffering — and the tremendous economic disparity, for that matter, between the First World and Third World in general. (The late Pope John Paul II said the world won’t know peace until there is social justice for everyone.) And now, a war-like “invisible killer” is heading our way, and look how we feel. Can you imagine how those women in the photo feel, day in and day out? We have the wherewithal to impact those overseas situations way more than we do. Is God allowing this “silent killer” to wake our empathy up for our brothers and sisters struggling mightily elsewhere? As president, my Foreign Policy would spin around downplaying that “America First” deal, while putting those in need worldwide first. Think about it, seriously. Jesus said: “The last will be first, and the first will be last.” Wouldn’t take a spiritual Henry Kissinger to figure out what God’s Foreign Policy would be, would it?


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