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Nineveh Moment 12: An "Anti-Life" Admonition From Above

I was listening to an interview with an Ohio Catholic priest last night. He said that of course the coronavirus was a “…chastisement from God.” Think about it, he continued, our society, and the world at large, has become “anti-life.” Abortion is anti-life. Gay marriage is anti-life. Contraception (which the Catholic Church condemns) is anti-life… So if we’re condoning a series of things — by participating in them or standing by silently — wouldn’t it stand to reason that God would step in, at some juncture, to send us a pretty pointed message/chastisement that what we were doing was counter to his Natural Order? He’s done that in numerous ways down through mankind’s history. This, as I mentioned in a previous post, might just be the first salvo. We can listen and change (as they did in Nineveh with Jonah’s message), or not.


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