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Nineveh Moment 11: 'Global Greed'?

Global trade. An economist on one of the news shows today said that America opted for it because it spelled faster growth in this country for industries, and it spelled cheaper products for consumers. Meanwhile, this paradigm creates Third World sweatshop conditions, gigatons of carbon dioxide release from international transporting, and looking the other way when it comes to blatant human rights abuses in countries (ibid. China, as an example) that we’re benefitting from. This is called “greed,” and our American First World “collective” is, indeed, fueling all of it. The Vatican recently came out with a list of new sins in the context of a global community. One is “…contributing to the divide between rich and poor.” With some of the “supply chains,” and such, breaking down worldwide with the coronavirus, we need to take the opportunity to realign. That is, to go back to predominately “buying American,” while exponentially ramping up our foreign aid to help other countries become as sustainable as possible in their own localized economies. Note: This is, indeed, a spiritual issue each of us in America will be called to account for at Judgement. For some, it will be knowing all of this, yet still contributing to it. For others, it will be about not taking the time to learn about it — because we were too busy buying the next cheap item.


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