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Nineveh Moment 10: 3000 DOW Points, 3000 Abortions… Hmm

The DOW dropped almost 3,000 points today, the single day biggest drop since 1987. Oh, incidentally, about 3,000 babies were dismembered in their mothers’ wombs today in America as well. The latter goes on every day. And abortion is legal in all but about six countries worldwide now. Did we think God was going to let that go on forever? Is the coronavirus worldwide pandemic just the opening salvo of a series of chastisements coming our way — to wake us up? Psalm 139: “…you [read: God] knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Based on that passage, it wouldn’t take a moral theologian rocket scientists, or an anatomy professor at Dartmouth for that matter, to figure out that: abortion is “murder.” The Catholic Catechism uses that exact term, actually. For more on my stance on abortion, see…


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