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'Jonah' From the Midwest

I was wearing a mask this week, but it wasn’t a surgical one — it was a “dust mask.” While Joe Biden, the ‘average Joe from Scranton’ (please!) was taking the lead in the Primaries, this ‘average Joe’ was sanding a cedar wood door frame at Luke’s Restaurant in Bluffton. Populist? With a capital P! This kind of work, besides putting food on the table, gives me time to be, well, meditative. And as I’m thinking about things, it continually occurs to me that we’re out of whack as a country (spiritually, and otherwise). So much so, that we’re actually experiencing the opening salvo of “Nineveh Moments,” it’s just that, well, most don’t realize it — yet. Stay tuned. Note: Joe Biden has a $1.2 million beach house. I have a 1972 camper.


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