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Global Realignment

As the coronavirus spreads, things are, in essence, globally deconstructing. And we can go with this to realign the world in the right way. Or not. Example: The “global supply chain” is being disrupted. International trade supply transport pumps billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year, allows for sweatshops in the Third World devoid of any “human dignity,” and the massive amount of cheap consumer products leads to gluttony (a major sin) in the First World. We would do well to return to a paradigm that is primarily about balanced “local production for local consumption” in all the countries — with stepped up aid to Third World countries to help them become as sustainable as possible with the same paradigm in their countries. For more on this realigned economy, see our Economic position paper… For more on how to get more help to the Third World to help them become much more sustainable, see our Foreign Affairs position paper.


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