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China and “Favored Nation Trading Status” Seriously!

Will the coronavirus realign the global order? The American economy, currently, is interdependent with China. As the coronavirus sweeps through China, it is disrupting their part of the supply chain with factories down, and so on. We have conferred upon China: “Favored Nation Trading Status.” This despite their horrendous ongoing human rights violations that include forced abortions, torturing and killing millions of dissidents… Instead of trading with them (blood money), we should be leveling sanctions until the Chinese government stops the atrocities. I mean, seriously, would God ‘sanction’ our continuing to collude with China while they are torturing and killing Christians, and scores of others? It’s time for us to move to much more “local production for local consumption” in America, ramp up more help for Third World sustainability, and take a stand against countries like China.


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