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We Need a Depression

The Stock Market dropped this week further than at any other time since the Great Recession of 2008. I have said, for quite some time now, that America actually needs to experience another Depression. This would be very much akin to an alcoholic hitting bottom — and then becoming “teachable.” A good deal of our First World lifestyles have become “gluttonous” as the day is long. (Gluttony, incidentally, is one of the “seven deadly sins” — just in case you’re not getting that from spiritual leaders who have also, for the most part, become quite gluttonous as the day is long as well.) We, all of us, need to simplify our lifestyles tremendously. We need to get back to sharing way more, like what happened in the first Depression It is in this that “community” strengthens incrementally. (The above book, which I’ve been reading, details this at length.) There is a realigning going on, because of the coronavirus, the global warming crisis, and so on. And it’s time for political, and spiritual, leadership that helps point the right way.


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